Monday, 10 January 2011

Another year gone!

Can you believe it's 2011!? How did that come about so quickly?? I have been very bad with my blogging in the last few months. I could claim that I've just been far too busy but if I'm honest - I plain forgot!!!

Well with Christmas and New Year done and dusted it's full steam ahead on the wedding plans. The Bridesmaids dresses are in and just need to be altered now. I have my shoes but still waiting on my dress. The venues are booked, the favours are nearly done and I'm desperately trying to get the invites out this week! We still need to get rings, sort the boys outfits and sort the service but we're getting there!

I can't believe we're already a third of the way through January! 110 days til the wedding! That is shocking!
I will have to make my New Years Resolution to keep the blog up to date otherwise I fear I may lapse again! I'll aim to get some pics of progress so far to post tomorrow.

For now then, that's all folks.....'til next time x