Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remember remember!!! Vote Adele!

Gosh, it's November already! We've had Halloween and Bonfire Night in quick succession as usual. We were descended upon by 6 teenagers for Halloween with FH's kids having a party. Lots of pizza and particularly gruesome games involving rice pudding and tinned spaghetti later and they went off trick or treating. Well!!! I have never seen quite as much booty as they came back with! They even had almost £20 in cash. I was beginning to wish I'd gone with them! Whole big bars of chocolate and 6 packs of various goodies rather than just one. Have they up-ed the ante on what is and isn't acceptable to give or were our teenagers genuinely scary and the poor people of Malmesbury were so terrified they gave up their chocolate stash for the month?!!?!? I'll never know! But next year..... you know where you'll find me on All Hallows Eve!

Well we also have the local Town Council elections coming up on the 25th of this month. I have put myself up for it!! "Town Council?????" I hear you cry, "Not in a million years!" Think again! I have decided that there needs to be a bit more representation of some of the demographics of Malmesbury that have, up until now, been pretty poorly represented. There are Council members who claim to represent the people of Malmesbury and who believe they fight for what the people want. I would say that for a Council of only 16, it is very hard for these few people to represent all 6000 of the population. The majority of the current Town Council are men over 50. Now, don't get me wrong, I very much respect them but isn't it about time we had someone under 40 on the Council? Shouldn't there be some representation of the younger members of Malmesbury?

I moved to Malmesbury almost 4 years ago now and I love living here. I work in IT and am home based so am fortunate enough to be able to work to my own timetable. I commute to customer sites quite regularly so use the local train and road networks and find a real relief when I get back to the relative calm of home, away from the rat race of the major cities. I want Malmesbury to be improved and I don't believe that always means remaining the same. However, I am in awe of the History of this town and think it is under valued locally. I want us to be proud of our town and I think I can really make a difference in making Malmesbury a town to be proud of.

So, if you live in Malmesbury.... remember, remember, 25th November!!
Make sure you tick the box and VOTE for ADELE!