Sunday, 19 September 2010

Puddings, puddings, puddings!

So I haven't really got very far with any of my projects....although I have actually finished the pin board. Ribbins are glued, buttons are covered and attached and I have to say, I'm quite pleased. Yay!

We've had a busy week and a pretty hectic weekend. Saturday morning was spent cooking for my Uncle's 70th party. I said I would bring some puddings so ended up doing a pavlova (a massive one that is!!!!), 8 egg whites and it was so massive I couldn't find a plate/dish big enough. The problem was eventually solved by me shoe-horning it onto a huge platter that I made last year at a pottery class I briefly attended. Phew for the pottery class! It was all worth it though as one lady told me it was the best one she'd ever tasted and that was before she knew I'd made it. Result! Anyway, I also made some peanut-butter cups (think Reece's) that FH and his son managed to devour half of before we even got there. A success I think! The banoffee pie that I did, didn't have long enough in the fridge so the base crumbled a bit. Well, that got left behind so we've just munched through half of that after our Sunday roast. I love Sundays!

We went to the Battle of Britain Show today at the Cotswold Airport. Met a lovely woman with her kids and her husband who had been a Marmite Soldier in a Marmite advert in a previous life. How cool? I love Marmite! It was a great show! A Lancaster Bomber, with a Spitfire and a Hurricane! Amazing.

Now for another busy week. The FH is away for a couple of days and I'm working away at the beginning of the week. I'll have to get onto the case of bunting next week though....and investigating how to do the wreath. Oh, and my etching cream came yesterday so I'll get etching!

I'll let you know how it all goes presently! Til then......

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