Thursday, 30 September 2010

Last day of September

Into October tomorrow and autumn has really hit us now. Dark mornings to walk the dog and dark evening walks too. Having said that, I love autumn! Comforting stews and pies, game on the menu and log fires. I have found corn in their husks in the shops for the last couple of weeks and last night saw game packs for stew. Lovely! Venison sausages and game pie! I think I might have to make an apple and blackberry pie at the weekend.

I had a lovely walk with the dog early this morning with the mist still hanging in the air. A lone Buzzard was hopping along the cricket pitch, I assume looking for insects as I doubt it could see very much in the way of small prey. Anyway, it was beautiful and so close! I was so busy watching it as I walked round the outskirts in the field that surrounds the cricket club, that I didn't notice the herd of cows that were in the mist not far from me. That is until one mooed at me! Oh dear! At that time in the morning it certainly woke me up!!! I actually shrieked a bit! Then broke into a somewhat hysterical giggle....then the dog came back to see what the heck was going on, at which point the cow spooked and the Buzzard lifted! End of idyllic country moment! It was lovely all the same though.

I nearly have all the jars I need for the table centres - I just need to etch them, but I still have a long way to go with small jars for the favours. I've been asking everyone I come accross to save small jars for me and I have a horrible thought that I may start being known as the jar lady. Eeeek. 20 down.....about 90 to go!

I am having a glut of parsley at the moment (very random subject change, I know) so I need to find a recipe that will use up a load. I wonder if a parsley pesto works?! It's curly parsley so a bit more robust than flat but it could work. Hmm... on that thought, I'd best get back to work. I'll report back on the parsley dilemma!

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