Monday, 13 September 2010

Making progress!

So after my first blog post yesterday, I thought I had better actually make some progress on my projects and also take a few snaps to show you.

This is the pin board so far (which will also be our table plan). FH thinks the glue gun is in the office so I haven't quite finished sticking it together and there are some covered buttons to go on as well. Obviously the ribbons need straightening up before glueing too! It looks OK though so I think it'll become my notice board in the kitchen after the wedding.

All surprisingly girlie for me really, but in keeping with the vintage theme.

I also got some swatches of Cath Kidson material for my bunting and some cream remnants, so spent last night drawing round the template and cutting it all out with pinking shears........

....on with the sewing tonight hopefully! Uh...tomorrow night actually - we have something on tonight. Anyway, soon! I'll post some pics when it's all finished.

I've got 2 lots of bunting to do - this traditional style but also another one just done with invisible thread which uses difference shapes so is really great for using up odds and ends. Well, I say'll be the first time I make it so it could look really rubbish and be a complete waste of using up odds and ends! We'll see.....crossed fingers!

I have some really lovely material that again, was in the remnants tub which I think I may have to make into a wrap/shawl (should just be able to put a rolled hem on the edges so quite straight forward I am hoping!).

I'll only use about half of the material though so any ideas for what to do with the rest would be gratefully received! It's a voile type material with a lovely embroidered pattern. Very simple but very lovely.

Hopefully the pics will give an idea of what I'm trying to acheive. What I think I am trying to acheive anyway, there's nothing to say that I'll actually get that far. I'm really not very good at sewing and the like....or seeing things through to completion! So wish me luck!! 'Til the next time........


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  2. liking the notice board! and thank you for dropping by :)