Sunday, 12 September 2010

My First Blog

Well after reading loads of other blogs for creative ideas and hints with things I've wanted to make, I thought it was about time to create my own blog! I won't guarantee that it'll be all that interesting and probably won't be funny in the slightest but I'll update it now and again and hope it'll be well received!

I'm getting married next April so I'm trying to create and make as much as I possibly can to keep the costs down. I also like pottering around the kitchen making whatever springs to mind and try to use things I can find locally - sloes in autumn, blackberries from the hedgerow, greengages donated from a neighbour.

I'm currently in the process of making a pin board to use as our table plan for the wedding and have recently made plum jam and picallili to use for our favours. The plums are wild that my future husband (fh) found when he was walking the dog. He wasn't sure what they were so I went and had a taste... low and behold, wild plums! Of course, he couldn't believe that I'd just eaten one but what's a girl to do!?! Anyway, we walked the dog bearing ladders and secateurs and brought home a loot of wild plums. I've now made them into jam and I have to say, it's possibly the best jam I've ever made. Whoever said that you didn't need to worry stoning them as the stones would rise in the cooking and could be skimmed, lied! I spent ages filtering out all the stones. Can you imagine giving jam to people as your favours and then discovering that you'd choked an elderly relative or broken a child's tooth. Not good!
The picallili was inspired by some friends who loved the picallili I made a couple of years ago and they raved about it. So, armed with the courgette glut from the garden and a marrow donated from an allotment swamped neighbour, I got cooking. Haven't tested the picallili yet as you have to leave it a few weeks before you can but I'm hoping it turns out as well as the last one. I've got a horrible feeling that it won't as it wouldn't thicken properly. We'll see!

Anyway, I've got a few more things on the list to create.... I'd really like to make a willow heart wreath (any tips greatly appreciated!) and also etch some jam jars for our table centres - do you know how hard it is to buy etching cream?? I can't find it anywhere! I'll update you as I go. I also have a lovely Cath Kidson bag to make but I haven't got around to that as yet. I ought to get the sewing machine out and get sewing. Oh, and my bunting!!! A lovely lady sent me some swatches of vintage style material and I got some remnants to add to them. Again - I just have to get the sewing machine out and get sewing!

Well, that's an update on where I am at the moment. Here's hoping I can get loads done before Christmas hits and I have mince meat to make and christmas cake to bake.


  1. There are plenty if you search on Google? try this one:

  2. Thanks J.J...I managed to get some delivered yesterday after getting fed up of being referred from Craft shop to DIY store!! Just have to give it a go now! Wish me luck!

  3. i am so in sympathy with you over the plum the end t'was 1am so I sieved the whole lot and made a kinda cloudy jelly instead :)

  4. Muddled - Yep...mine was the day before going on holiday! Why do we pressurise ourselves like that! Bet it tasted good though, despite being cloudy.