Sunday, 26 September 2010

What is the world coming to?!?!

I can't belive it's almost been a week since I scrawled something about puddings! Funnily enough, there seems to have been quite a theme around food this week too!
We went for dinner at a friend's last night and had a lovely evening. It's so nice to meet interesting people. There was no conversation about work and no one-up-manship. Just a great flowing conversation about all sorts of things; travel, life, theatre, cooking, food, towns and country living, Facebook!! It's evenings like last night that restore ones outlook on people and life in general. I left our friend's house feeling bouyed with life and happy about my lot.

Anyway, I went to see the Hairy Bikers Mum's Know Best tour yesterday and had such a fun day! In the end I had to go alone and was thinking I'd look a complete Billy No Mates (which I was), but it was actually fine and I got chatting to loads of really nice people. I was quite surprised at how many men were there as well - and not just those that had been dragged along by their spouses. Well done chaps! I did, however, manage to make an idiot of myself with said Bikers and I'm sure they must have labelled me from then as some kind of nutter! The tour is filmed in a big top and smaller tops (tents to us normal people) and uses the Giffords Circus caravans and kitchen. For those of you who have never heard of Giffords Circus, look here...... I took my FH for his birthday and we loved it!! You can have dinner in a tent afterwards with the performers as well which was amazing! Anyway, we loved it so much we have been raving about it ever since. So, I turned up at the Mums Know tour and recognised the set up as being Giffords! Naturally I had to ask the Bikers if they'd seen it and tell them how amazing it is and that everyone should go. Well, I accosted them as they were rehearsing and enthused about the circus. I was pretty much dragged off by a very polite BBC employee who was telling me they were rehearsing and was feigning interest in my ranting! I may have come across slightly psychotic! (I blame my mother for that!!) Ah well, no matter!

So I have finally done some bunting! I have to admit that it looks pretty good. It's quite tedious to make, what with cutting the triangles, ironing the tape, pinning and sewing but I was quite proud of myself despite it being simple sewing as it looked so nice. Well, my FH has bought himself an old hand turned Singer to fix the sails on his boat so he got sewing too!!! Can you believe it!?! What is the World coming to? Him - sewing!? I ask you!?? Well, he even fixed his leather jacket so he's very proud of himself as well. And well done him! How sad though, both of us sitting sewing of an evening!

So now I need to get the cream bunting done and the odd shapes one and that'll be finished! I've also got a bag I want to make and some cushions to make for my neices that I haven't got around to doing yet. So lots of evenings sewing to look forward to! So rock 'n' roll, I know! Maybe I can get FH to do some too. 
I'm collecting little jars for the jam and piccalilli I made for the favours and have decided that our table centres will just be tea lights in jam jars! Not very exciting you're thinking but I got some etching cream and am going to etch the jars. I tried it on one and it looks OK! You can't really tell from the picture but it says Love. I'm thinking it's appropriate for a wedding! A little bile inducing I know! Anyway, I showed it to the FH and it brought a tear to his eye. Bless! Well, I'm getting there. I need to think about invitations at some point and get them made and I really need to start thinking about a dress. All in good time!
Right, well, off to put the roast on - it is Sunday after all so a roast dinner with yorkies and all the trimmings it must be! I love lazy Sundays! Mmmmm......


  1. My hubby does all our sewing, he's much better at it than me!

  2. Lucky you! Here's hoping!